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Murali Chemuturi addresses DFW ASEE on 6th September 2011

Murali Chemuturi gave a talk on Test Effort Estimation on 6th September 2011 for the members of DFW ASEE (Dallas-Fortworth Area of Texas, Association for Software Engineering Excellence). It was well attended and the talk was very well received. Here is the feedback obtained from the participants by DFW-ASEE

"The topic was interesting and informative and understood by all in attendance. What is most interesting about your presentation was that several in attendance had projects that are in the testing phase and they saw your presentation as a solid point of reference to take back to their companies and use as a starting point for future project performance measures. "

"Your model provided a way everyone could understand the key concepts that could apply as accepted established best practices at their company. The hypothesis presented demonstrated there is value in how different methodologies can apply software test effort estimation and the result is a successful project when applied from the beginning. "

In addition to the comments above, the feedback we received from our membership was positive. The audience felt the information presented was informative, and broadened their knowledge of pragmatic test estimation."

Here are a couple photographs.





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