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PMPal facilitates all the four aspects of estimation, namely - Size, Effort, Cost and Schedule - yes Schedule too. 

What is more it facilitates Test Points Estimation - Here are the only tools that facilitate Test Points Estimation!! Another unique feature of this tool is Task Based Estimation useful for part-life-cycle projects and maintenance projects.

This tool facilitates use of the following Estimation techniques -

  1. Function Point Analysis Technique 
  2. Objects Points Technique 
  3. Use Case Points Technique 
  4. Task-Based Estimation Technique 
  5. LOC Method 
  6. Intermediate COCOMO 
  7. FPA Mark II  
  8. Cost Estimation 
  9. Duration (Schedule) Estimation with facility to export to MS-Project via MS-Excel 
  10. Test Points Estimation
The software is extremely easy to use with intuitive interface conforming to best GUI practices of the industry. It needs very little training - less than one hour.

All the formulas, conforming to internationally accepted ones, are inbuilt and there is no need to memorize them by heart.

It also assists in collating a repository of estimates over a period of usage. 

PMPal also facilitates making a new estimate from an existing estimate - thus improving estimation productivity significantly.

Function Points analysis

Cost Estimation
Cost estimation



Awards & Certifications

NASSCOM - Made in India


 Brothersoft awards 5 out of  to PMPal    

SofoTex Awards 5 Star rating to PMPal

FreeTrialSoft Awards 5 Stars and Edotor's Choice to PMPal

To assure our visitors that "PMPal 1.0" is clean, we have granted it with the
"100% CLEAN" Softpedia award.

DownloadPipe awards 4 Star rating to PMPal


Awards 5-Stars to PMPal
Soft32 Awards 5 stars to PMPal