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How to Master PMPal (Demo) quickly - This document assists you in quickly evaluating  PMPal demo

PMPal approach to Software Estimation 

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Download a Demo of PMPal Software  - This demo software is fully-functional but is limited to 60 calendar day use. It is a single user version - no need to login. There are absolutely no limitations for 60 calendar days. We would appreciate your feedback Download a Winzip Version (Alternate Download location) has awarded safe-to-install certificate for PMPal Demo

PET- Personal Effectiveness Tooldownload this absolutely free - no strings attahced - software that comes wirtrh a phone book, anniversary reminders, vehicle monitoring, finance handling as well as Actions for the Day It comes with backup / restore facility to safe guard your data against data-loss. It is in token of our appreciation of your interest in PMPal, we offer you this free tool.

General White Papers on Software Project Management

Software Estimation for Dummies - addresses the basic confusions faced by software estimators

Productivity for Software Estimators  

Software Metrics Provided by PMPal      

Management Principles - paper on management for software development project management

Decision Making for Managers

Project Planning - Practitioner's Perspective  - paper on theoretical aspects of software project planning


NASSCOM - Made in India


 Brothersoft awards 5 out of  to PMPal    

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FreeTrialSoft Awards 5 Stars and Edotor's Choice to PMPal

To assure our visitors that "PMPal 1.0" is clean, we have granted it with the
"100% CLEAN" Softpedia award.

DownloadPipe awards 4 Star rating to PMPal

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 Soft32 Awards 5 stars to PMPal

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