Murali Chemuturi
Integrity, Sincerity and Hard Work are my guiding principles
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I am Murali (Krishna) Chemuturi, is an award-winning information technology expert. I am from India but in USA now Here are my achievements:

1.       I am a traditionally-published author of books in IT and management topics. My books are published in USA and are available from all reputed booksellers. Some of my books are used as prescribed reading in over 50 universities in 18 countries. The list of books can be accessed here. My books are here.

2.       My work is certified by a significant number of testimonials of satisfied clients and these can be accessed here

3.       I was inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Mumbai Chapter of the Computer Society of India in 2016

4.       I developed the methodology for test effort estimation, Delphi Technique for estimation and Analogy Based estimation which come at #1 on Google search after advertisements

5.       Developed new units of measure for customer satisfaction rating (CCSR), composite product quality metric (CPQR), software size units (SSU, along with a free software tool) and software test units (STU, along with a free software tool). These are being used in many organizations.

6.       I developed some definitions to transform paradoxes to usable concepts. These terms are Excellence, Estimation, Software Estimation, Quality, Management and Planning. These are being used in quite a few places

7.       Developed new classification of software requirements into Core Functionality Requirements and Ancillary Functionality Requirements as against the popular classification of Functional Requirements and non-functional requirements. My classification is slowly but surely gaining ground in many organizations.

8.       I have not failed so far, by the grace of God, in delivering results either in my employment period or in the consultancy period.

9.       My motto is �Do it well or not at all�. I picked it from an article in the Readers Digest. I would rather say, �I cannot do this assignment� rather than show you excuses why it was not done well.

10. My personal achievements can be viewed here

You can learn about my family here - Family Web Site