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Personal Tools

PET - Personal Effectiveness Tool - like IBM PC which was targeted at personal computing but it revolutionized office computing! - PET is a feature rich software that aids your personal efficiency. It comes with -

  • Actions for the day
  • A phone book that facilitates storing of phone numbers, email ids, addresses, URLs of all your contacts
  • A time manager to manage all appointments - yours as well as others'
  • Anniversaries - that reminds you all the anniversaries, including birth days, wedding days, and other yearly tasks
  • Vehicle Manager - that helps you in tracking the expenses on your vehicle(s) and alerts about the next servicing or oil change
  • Finances - assists in budgeting your income and expenditure as well as record all your actual income and expenditure. Gives a host of useful reports including income-expense statement and variances
  • Personal Health - assists you in keeping a record of your and others' health including weight watch
  • Download PET User Guide

Phone Book - Sub set of PET faciliitates storing phone numbers, email ids URLs, and addresses of all your contacts. Comes with backup / restore facility

Time Manager - sub set of PET - assists in managing appointments



Free Software Estimation Tools

Chemuturi Consultants offers you some free Estimation Tools please download the same and use them. There are absolutely no limitations or strings attached to this offer except that we request you to enter your name and email id so that we know you personally and send you an occassional email. We would highly appreciate your feedback - send it to Murali Chemuturi . All the best.


Chemuturi Consultants offers you a free software estimation tool SSUPal that makes use of Software Size Units (SSU). SSU is free from the known drawbacks like complexity and does not specialized training to master the technique.

SSUPal is a software tool that assists in estimating software size using SSU (Software Size Units). It comes with

i. Software Size in SSU - Software Size Units

ii. Effort Estimation

iii. Cost Estimation

iv. Schedule Estimation

v. Comes with report generation facility.

SSUPal also facilitates making a new estimate from an existing estimate - thus improving estimation productivity greatly.



TPPal is a software Estimation tool that assists you in estimating testing project size and effort needed for testing. It also facilitates cost estimation for testing projects.


TestingPal is a software tool that assists you defining test cases for  software  testing as well as logging the test results. It also generates test plan, test log, failed cases and passed test cases reports. User Guide













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