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White Papers
Here are a few white papers - please feel free to download. We would appreciate your feedback .

Software Estimation

Software Sizing Units

Delphi Estimation Method

Analogy Based Estimation

Paradoxes of Software estimation

Productivity for Software Estimators

Software Estimation - Complexity or Density?

Software Estimation for Dummies

How to select a Software Estimation Tool

Test Effort Estimation using Test Points

Software Testing Basics



Decision Making

Management of Software Development Projects

Software Project Initiation

Software Project Planning

Measurement of Customer Satisfaction using Internal Data

Integrity Testing

Handling Difficult People

Issue Resolution in SPM

Control in SPM

Resource Management on SPM

Service Level Agreements in SPM

Change Management in SPM



Personality Development

Resolving Personal Differences

Religion Part I

Pursuit of Excellence

Pod Casts

Definitions of Murali Chemuturi

Definition of Estimation & Software Estimation

Definition of Management

Definition of Quality

Definition of Planning

Definition of Excellence

Looking for macro indicators for investment in stocks? Here is a great article

Integrity in our services and reliability in our products