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About CMMiPal

CMMI (Capabilities Maturity Model - Integrated) was developed by Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Melon University as a means of assessing the maturity of software development organizations and is used as a benchmark for selecting organizations for assigning software development work.

SEI defined five levels of maturity, namely,

  1. Performed
  2. Managed 
  3. Defined
  4. Quantitatively Managed
  5. Optmizing
Many organizations worldover are seeking and achieving the desired maturity level certification. While there are two paths to maturity, namely, Continuous and Staged, most organizations take the staged representations of the model.

To achieve the desired level of maturity, the organization has to fulfill the goals of the model -
  1. Each level has a defined set of KPAs (Key Process Areas)
  2.  Each KPA has a defined set of Specific Goals
  3. Each Specific Goal can be achieved by performing a defined set of  Specific Practices 
  4. Each Specific Practice is achieved by performing a defined set of Specific Sub-Practices and produce a defined set of Work Products
  5. In addition there are a defined set of Generic Goals
  6. Each Generic Goal can be achieved by performing a defined set of Generic Practices
Basically and simply stated there are three stages in achieving the desired level, namely,
  1. Gaps Analysis
    • Between the CMMi model and the organizational process assets and
    • Between the Organizational Process Assets and the Organizational Processes
  2. Bridge the Gaps unearthed in the Gaps Analysis
  3. Appraisal
 The most important aspect as can be seen is the Gap Analysis.

CMMiPal© is a Windows based software tool that assists you in carrying out Gaps Analysis. It comes with a full set of CMMi model elements and generates reports of gaps as well as fulfillment using which the goal of achieving the desired level of maturity appraisal can be reached.

Download a Demo version of CMMiPal which can be utilized for evaluation of the capabilites. It is operational for 10-calendar days. The full version has all the CMMi elements ( the demo has only up to level 3).

Please contact for your comments or feedback or purchase of CMMiPal

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