Murali Chemuturi
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Quality Surveillance for outsourced software development / maintenance

I provide the following services to my clients:

1.       Review of the vendor proposal and reinforce it with necessary clauses to implement the quality control activities necessary to ensure quality in the development

2.     Review of the vendor contract to ensure that necessary clauses pertaining to the required quality control clauses are part of the contract.

3.  Conduct surveillance audits to ensure implementation of the specified in the contract. A minimum of 3 audits, one during project initiation, one intermediate and one before effecting the deliver for short term projects of three months or less duration. For longer term projects, one interim surveillance audit would be conducted onve every two months.

4.   If necessary, I would impart necessary training  to the vendor project manager to enable them to implement the specified quality control activities effectively

Contact me if wish to have a presentation about quality surveillance or ask me for a white paper on quality surveillance to have a better understanding of my service and how you can benefit from it.















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