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Murali Chemuturi's interview with Thomas Cagely Jr. Part 1  & Part 2, Interview on Software Estimation Best Practices

Interview of Murali Chemuturi with Mr. Tom Cagley, President IFPUG

Chemuturi Consultants brings innovative and top rated products, namely EstimatorPal , FPAPal and UCPPal, to assist in software estimation.  The products of Chemuturi Consultants are top rated by independent organizations and are working at client sites for a long time. We also have a free software estimation tool SSUPal - feel free to download the same.

Software estimation - in all its facets, namely, Software Size Estimation, Software Development Effort Estimation, Software Development Cost Estimation and Software development Schedule Estimation.

Mr. Robert 'Bob' Galen says - " Chemuturi Consultants has designed an estimation tool for a wide variety of software size, cost and schedule estimates. I use the product in my classes and it provides a platform for taking the manual effort out of software project stimation.

I recommend taking a look at the product. Factoring cost Vs. functionality, there are no better alternatives "

Our client Bob Anderson says -  "Our Function Point team has used your FPApal software in developing FP counts for baseline analysis of production applications. The software is very easy to use, inexpensive, complies to IFPUG counting practice standards and produces very functional and easy to use reports.

Additionally, I personally appreciated your assistance and guidance with using your software. You have always been very responsive, thoughtful and always helpful. Thank you very much for the great customer focus and kindness.

Your software is ever so much better than all the FP counting EXCEL spreadsheets I have seen used in the industry. We all love FPAPal............

Our client David Payne from Australia says - "Yes, EstimatorPal was used in the project estimation process I found EstimatorPal to be intuitive, easy to use yet very powerful.  It also enabled me to extrapolate costs and phases for a wide array of project types within the large-scale program..  Given that there was a large range of project types that I had to model in different ways (LOC, Use Case Points, Function Point Analysis, 4th and 5th Gen target development environments, it accomodated for them all.  Basically, EstimatorPal did all the hard work in terms of the preparation and integrity of the modeling the product served extremely well."

These products are developed by Murali Chemuturi, author of the book "Software Estimation Best practices, Tools & Techniques - A complete Guide for Software Project Estimators" published by J.Rossof FL, USA and is available on Amazon, It is now available in the libraries of universities, University of Texas at Austin, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia & Washington D.C., The University of Utah, Marquette University –Milwaukee,  Wisconsin, Chinook University – Colorado, University of Colorado at Boulder, American University, Washington DC and Griffith University – Australia. If you are closer to any of those libraries, you may take advantage.


Rates Estimatorpal as one of the four best Function Point Tools
& as one of the best Software Estimation tools

BrotherSoft has awarded a 5 out of 5 rating to EstimatorPal , FPAPal and  UCPPal

SofoTex has awarded a 5-Star rating to EstimatorPal , FPAPal and  UCPPal

FreeTrialSoft has awarded a 5-Star rating to FPAPal and  UCPPal

SoftTester haw awarded 5 star rating to EstimatorPal, FPAPal and UCPPal

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