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UCPPal - software estimation tool using Use Case Points

Murali Chemuturi's interview with Thomas Cagely Jr. Part 1  & Part 2





UCPPal is a software tool that assists in Use Case Point Estimation. It comes with

  1. Use Case Points based size estimation
  2. Effort Estimation
  3. Cost Estimation
  4. Schedule Estimation
  5. Comes with report generation facility.

UCPPal comes with the unique features of  - in addition to Size and Effort Estimation

  1. Cost Estimation
  2. Schedule Estimation - schedule that can be exported via MS-Excel to any project management software that you may use
  3. Test points Estimation

UCPPal also facilitates making a new estimate from an existing estimate - thus improving estimation productivity greatly.

We understood that some firewalls do block download of exe files. Hence we provided download links for exe file as well as zip file. Please download the appropriate file.

Download a demo of UCPPal   ZIP File    



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