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EstimatorPal - a comprehensive software estimation tool

Murali Chemuturi's interview with Thomas Cagely Jr. Part 1  & Part 2

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EstimatorPal © is a software tool that assists software developers estimate the effort required to be spent on various activities during development of software in an auditable manner.

It facilitates all the four aspects of estimation, namely - Size Estimation, Effort Estimation , Cost  Estimation and Schedule Estimation - yes, Schedule too

What is more it facilitates Test Points Estimation and Software Size Units (SSU) estimation - Here are the only tools that facilitate SSU and Test Points Estimation!!

Another unique feature of this tool is Task Based Estimation useful for part-life-cycle projects and maintenance projects.

This tool facilitates use of the following Estimation techniques -

  1. Function Point Analysis (FPA) Technique
  2. Software Size Units (SSU)
  3. Objects Points Technique
  4. Use Case Points Technique
  5. Task-Based Estimation Technique
  6. LOC Method
  7. Intermediate COCOMO
  8. FPA Mark II
  9. Cost Estimation
  10. Duration (Schedule) Estimation with facility to export to MS-Project via MS-Excel
  11. Test Points Estimation

The software is extremely easy to use with intuitive interface conforming to best GUI practices of the industry. It needs very little training - less than one hour to be able to start using it.

All the formulas, conforming to internationally accepted ones, are inbuilt and there is no need to memorize them by heart.

To use this tool, one needs to be aware of the techniques but need not be an expert. What is needed is the knowledge of the software project or which they are making an estimate. Our help inbuilt in the tool assists every bit if the way in making great estimates.

The tool outputs estimates on to the screen as well as to the printer or a disk file so that you can attach them to a mail to the concerned agency.

It also assists in collating a repository of estimates over a period of usage. This tool facilitates making a new estimate thru copying an existing one and modifying it. Thus is a time and effort saving tool resulting in decreasing pressure on the valuable time of Project Managers / Leaders and leads to better productivity in general.

What is more, it is very economically priced!! It is being gainfully used by organizations that or ISO 9000 certified or CMM assessed in India, Singapore and USA.

EstimatorPal also facilitates making a new estimate from an existing estimate - thus improving estimation productivity greatly.

We understood that some firewalls do block download of exe files. Hence we provided download links for exe file as well as zip file. Please download the appropriate file.

Download a demo of EstimatorPal   Zip File   

To purchase a copy of EstimatorPal contact Murali chemuturi (US - 347-394-3138 or India 040-27220771) or email him or you can purchase it on


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