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MRPPal - Cost Estimation

Cost Estimation module facilitates effective cost estimation for external projects or internal projects like seasonal / preventive maintenance.

The cost estimation methodology is -

  • Labor cost, direct and indirect - in four categories, namely, Engineer, Quality Assurance, Technical Assistant, and Shopfloor staff
  • Material cost - direct and indirect - picked up from the latest receipt of the material from the inventory automatically
  • Overheads and profit

This module facilitates estimation of labour cost using activity (task) based estimation using three (best case, worst case and normal case scenarios) time estimates. Person day cost for each of the four categories can be customized for each project.

Material cost can be estimated in two ways, namely,

  • Selecting all the materials directly from the material master
  • Selecting the products and giving their quantities. In this method after all the products are given, materials can be added or deleted.

Indirect labor and indirect material are added as percentages, specified for each project over estimated labor and material costs.

We can have the following reports -

  • Summary of the estimate
  • Effort Estimate
  • Material Estimate

We will be glad to look at your specific requirement of additional reports.


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