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MRPPal - Procurement

Procurement module handles the following activities -

  • MPR - Material Procurement Requisition - this initiates procurement action
  • RFP - Request for Proposal or (Enquiry if material can be supplied). An RFP can consolidate and select items from multiple MPRs.
  • Quotes - Proposals / Quotations received from vendors and can consolidate the proposals
  • PO - Purchase Orders - Orders placed on vendors for supply of material. A PO can consolidate items from multiple RFPs. Provision is made to enter up to five varieties of taxes in percentages. All the taxes can be specific to the item. Amendment and cancellation of PO items is also provided for.

The following reports are available from this module -

  • Date-wise funds requirement for expected deliveries
  • MPR list, Pending MPRs, Cancelled MPR Items, Completed MPRs
  • RFP list and RFPs wating for Quotes / Proposals
  • PO, Open POS, Amendments, Receipts, Cancel PO Items
  • Items Pending PO Recommendation
  • PO Receipts, Vendor Receipts

This module allows reservation of material against projects.

We will be glad to look at your specific requirement of additional reports.


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