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MRPPal - Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management module handles the following activities -

  • Material Receipts - allows receipt of quantity in excess of the quantity mentioned in the PO
  • Material issues - enables issue on the basis of FIFO (First In First Out). Valuation of inventory based on FIFO method
  • Material Returns - return of materials issued from the warehouse

A host reports are available from this module -

  • Material Expiry report - gives list of items that are likely to expire within the specified number of days
  • VED report - Vital, Essential and Desirable items (spare parts) list
  • IIL report - Imported, Indigenous and Local items report
  • HML report - High, Medium and Low cost items report
  • Below Re-order level report - list of items whose stock is below the respective re-order levels
  • Non-moving items - list of items that have not been moved for a specified number of days
  • Taxes Paid report - within a specified period
  • Reports based on material categories for a specified category of items or all categories of items, detailed report or a summary report
  • Materials issue Register
  • Good REceipts Register

Material consumption Reports

  • PSL (Priced Stores Ledger) Detailed and summary - this report gives for a specified period, the opening balance, receipts, issues and the closing balance for each material in the inventory
  • Material consumption for a specific project or order
  • Material consumption for specific material
  • Material consumption for a specified period
  • Stock report - gives item-by-item stock as on date with value of inventory

We have built an innovative text-based Stock Enquiry facility which allows you to locate the required material with in three or four clicks. Just enter a word or phrase and it will display materials that contain the phrase. Then you can progressively narrow down the list be entering next word. The result gives the quantity, description and material code.

The material code can be described in 20 characters allowing you maximum flexibility to codify your materials.

We will be glad to look at your specific requirement of additional reports.


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